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Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

Alien Ant Farm Biography

Smooth criminal new version in the Alien Ant farm

In 1995, while the rest of America was consumed with O.J. Simpson and the white Bronco, four young, creative musicians were fusing their ambitions and talents together to form the rock band Alien Ant Farm. Word of the band began to saturate the underground music scene as early as 1996, when they released their first demo and became instantly known for their energetic live shows and pulsing rock beat. A strong loyal following began to sprout up throughout Southern California with the release of their second demo in '98, and Alien Ant Farm began extensively touring all through the western region of the U.S. The buzz about the band did not stop there. Each new performance birthed new fans planting firm stakes in Alien Ant Farm's soil. 1999 paved a new path for the talented four as they independently released their long-awaited, first full-length album entitled Greatest Hits, produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobustank, JimmyŠŐ» Chicken Shack, Straight Up).

With their new album as ammunition, they proceeded to tour and gain support from the Inland Empire's alternative radio station, X103.9, KCXX with an add to regular rotation. Heads continued to turn as Greatest Hits was named Best Independent Rock Album of the year at the L.A. Music Awards in 1999. That same summer, the guys found themselves touring Europe and performing at festivals in front of thousands. The year 2000 has ecstatically welcomed Alien Ant Farm, as DreamWorks Records and Papa Roach's imprint label New Noize has presented them with a promising record deal.

Singer-songwriter Dryden Mitchell, guitarist Terry Corso, bassist Tye Zamora and drummer Mike Cosgrove belted out their 13-song debut effort entitled, ANThology and released it March 6, 2001 on New Noize/DreamWorks Records. Produced by Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Orgy, and mixing duties on Hoobustank's upcoming debut album), the quartet from the Inland Empire stretches from the heavy and down-to-earth opening track, "Courage" to the powerful and emotional closing of "Universe," which reaches out and grabs the listener upon the entrance of the string section beautifully arranged by David Campbell.

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