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Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009

Saint Loco Biography

Saint Loco was formed for the very first time on September 2002. In Indonesian music industry, the individual members of Saint Loco have accomplished different achievements. Barry (MC) for instance has once won an MC Battle in Jakarta. Nyonk and DJ Tius are also additional musicians for well-know artists in Indonesia.

After a lot of practicing together and playing covered songs with their own
touch such as "Jump" by House of Pain, they decided to make a demo and send it to
Sony BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia.

Since May 7th 2004 Saint Loco was announced officially under the label of
Sony BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia.
After working very hard, being critical about their own music,
finally the album is wrapped in such manner "
so that any audience will be able to accept it.
The first album "Rock Upon A Time" was sold more than 15.000 copies within 2 months in Indonesia.

The album consists of 12 tracks with 80% of the songs were delivered in
English, full of distortion nois and heavy drums in combination with turntable
art that brings a unique color of the band. The reason why most of the songs are delivered
in English is due to Saint Loco's aim,
to be the first Indonesian (or perhaps Asian) to reach the International Market.

Not to forget their own nation, they have created 2 songs in Indonesian.
In fact "Hip Rock"was a number one hit single for a couple of months in many Radio Sattions in Indonesia.

Saint Loco's vision is to arise the spirit of the generation of today with full confidence.
Heavy lyrics in the album represent the hard knock live in a hectic and chaotic metropolitan
urban lifestyle.
While the name Saint Loco was chosen as a translation of "SAINT" as "THE ONE" who comes to the world
to bring a brighter live, and "LOCO" as "CRAZY", representing the world in general.
Therefor, it is clear that the message their trying to deliver is to bring a brighter color
to the crazy world with their own concept of hiprock music.

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